How do you define your "wealth"?  It certainly means more than a large paycheck, a fat 401(k) investment account or even a fancy house.   

At Harvest Rock Advisors, LLC we know there's much more to the notion of wealth than money and material possessions. Realizing a comfortable and fulfilling retirement, protecting your family from risk, paying for your children's education and even the satisfaction that can come from feeling more confident about the future are all important wealth concepts in their own right.

Effective wealth management is a holistic and intensely individualized process around which comprehensive financial planning serves as the foundation.  Do any of the following common life scenarios ring true for you?
When can I retire and still enjoy my current lifestyle?

How do we sell our business to our children and meet our mutual financial needs?

Can we afford to purchase vacation real estate now?

How much college education expense can we afford to pay?

I have received a financial windfall - what should I do to protect my new wealth?

These are typical planning challenges that often need assistance from an experienced wealth professional.  Now more than ever, successful people should consider partnering with a trusted wealth professional to avoid making material financial mistakes.


Did you know that a retired couple is likely to experience one spouse living into their nineties? They will spend a small fortune on food and health care, live mainly on a fixed income and face a loss of their purchasing power each and every year. 

Also consider that psychological studies show that an investor may weigh the impact of a capital loss 2.5 times more heavily than a capital gain.  This same investor may not fully appreciate that an asset that loses 50% of its value requires a 100% investment return just to climb back to break-even.  Worse yet, our natural "fight-or-flight" instinct can compel us to divest a distressed investment asset at the most inopportune time. 

The point is that financial success is often predicated on smart planning and objective decision-making.  It is also true that it is human nature to make emotional and sometimes faulty financial decisions when left to our own devices.  The consequence may be outliving your money, making unintended lifestyle sacrifices or even taking unnecessary financial risks.

The good news is that some negative financial outcomes may be avoided through smart financial planning.  Our wealth management process, Wealthcare, can help you prioritize your most valued life goals - short, medium and long-term - and help you rise to the challenge of reaching them with confidence.
The foundation of Wealthcare planning is discovering your most valued goals and organizing them in their priority value.  Once your prioritized goals are established, they are stress-tested to determine the appropriate blend of strategy and tactics to pursue them with a higher level of confidence.  

The stress-test ensures your goals are matched to your financial resources, lifestyle, obligations, tax profile and other factors to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Moreover, our wealth planning designs the right investment strategy that squares with your resources, goals and tolerance for investment risk. 

Once designed, the planning model produces your personalized "Comfort Zone", the space where your wealth plan and investments should meet in balance. We can help you maintain your wealth plan on the proper path, recommending corrections as necessary to keep you in your Comfort Zone over time. 

The bottom line is that effective wealth planning can help you make smarter life decisions, deal with present challenges and prepare to live the fullest life possible with more confidence, grounded in effective risk management. 

Making financial decisions focused on your goals can be a satisfying experience.  It is the essence of Wealthcare and we would welcome the opportunity to introduce it to you.


Designing and managing your personalized asset allocation is an important factor in your future investment success.  In turn, effective asset allocation means managing investment risk and expectations.  Modern asset allocation demands more than traditional investments and should include multiple asset classes and divergent strategies.

Tactical and absolute return (“rowing”) investment strategies can outperform during secular bear markets while strategic (“sailing”) portfolios can excel during secular bull markets.  Blending them together can add more portfolio diversification and balance to your asset allocation.

We specialize in designing modern asset allocation strategies that help meet the challenge of investing prudently in a dynamic and uncertain global economy.

Once the important asset allocation work is done, execution of your investment strategy entails combining the appropriate mix of tactical and strategic investment instruments. Our core-satellite approach to portfolio construction affords the flexibility to build custom investment portfolios for our clients.

The portfolio foundation consists of “core” investments and strategies.  Satellite investments include alternative investment classes which seek to reduce risk and/or add return opportunities to the core portfolio. 

Our independence mandates that devote a considerable amount of time researching and evaluating third-party investment solutions to find the right instruments that help meet your personalized needs and preferences

As market conditions change, your investment portfolio should adjust as well.  We guide future changes to your investments to keep your financial plan on track in a tax-efficient manner.