Oil & Gas Planning

The shale hydrocarbon energy rush spawned by new drilling technology is creating material financial wealth for many landowners in Pennsylvania.  So far, the Marcellus Shale has been the dominate shale play and many landowners will see a major financial windfall as the drilling transforms into production, transmission and (hopefully) a long-lived royalty stream.

To address the needs of our clients possessing an oil and gas lease, we offer comprehensive gas lease financial planning and royalty management services.  Since 2008, we have worked with a large number of Marcellus Shale landowner lessors, helping them make the right financial planning decisions regarding their oil and gas lease and to manage their royalty wealth.

An oil and gas lease has two distinct planning stages – pre and post production – each with separate planning challenges.  We are comfortable leading gas lease financial planning process from start to finish, pre and post production, designing your personalized plan and then coordinating a successful execution of the plan.

Our royalty management services features royalty administration, tax planning and investment management.