Investment Philosophy

Designing and managing your personalized asset allocation is an important factor in your future investment success.  In turn, effective asset allocation means managing investment risk and expectations.  Modern asset allocation demands more than traditional investments and should include multiple asset classes and divergent strategies.

Tactical and absolute return (“rowing”) investment strategies can outperform during secular bear markets while strategic (“sailing”) portfolios can excel during secular bull markets.  Blending them together can add more portfolio diversification and balance to your asset allocation.

We specialize in designing modern asset allocation strategies that help meet the challenge of investing prudently in a dynamic and uncertain global economy.

Once the important asset allocation work is done, execution of your investment strategy entails combining the appropriate mix of tactical and strategic investment instruments. Our core-satellite approach to portfolio construction affords the flexibility to build custom investment portfolios for our clients.

The portfolio foundation consists of “core” investments and strategies.  Satellite investments include alternative investment classes which seek to reduce risk and/or add return opportunities to the core portfolio. 

Our independence mandates that devote a considerable amount of time researching and evaluating third-party investment solutions to find the right instruments that help meet your personalized needs and preferences

As market conditions change, your investment portfolio should adjust as well.  We guide future changes to your investments to keep your financial plan on track in a tax-efficient manner.