Timothy H. Sutherland CFP

Tim has over twenty years of experience managing wealth for business owners, executives, professionals and other successful individuals.  He has been a practicing Certified Financial Planner™ professional since 2001.

“My specialty is financial and business problem solving for our clients and to help them better manage all types of risk, even risks they don't see.  I am adept at simplifying complex planning situations to help our clients make better informed, confident decisions.  My passion is fixing broken investment and financial plans, then serving as an insurance policy for our clients to sidestep serious future mistakes, feel more in control of their financial lives and more confident about the future.

My experience working with hundreds of families has convinced me that professional wealth stewardship is not a luxury.  I have found that most folks have some part of their financial plan that is outright malfunctioning or could be improved.  Partnering with a trusted, competent wealth professional can confer the right expertise, perspective, discipline and consistency to achieve success, no matter how you define it.

I consider myself a professional fiduciary, specializing in before-tax financial planning.   The cornerstone of fiduciary-level service is independence and our practice is engineered to be as independent as possible.   To that end, we have partnered with the leading independent broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, to help deliver our independent wealth services.

One final thought:   I have discovered that I work best with folks who are seeking great life outcomes, not just good ones.”

Tim earned a graduate degree in finance/portfolio management with honors from Loyola University Baltimore (1994) and an accounting degree from James Madison University (1986).  Tim holds a Series 24 principal, 7/66 securities and life/health insurance licenses.

A Virginia native, Tim re-located to York from Baltimore in 1994 with his wife Carrie.  Their daughter Abigail is an official York native.  Tim is active in several professional and community organizations and is a frequent speaker on various wealth management topics.  He is a fervent yet challenged golfer and enjoys college football, history and visiting Bethany Beach, Delaware at every opportunity.

Phone 717-814-5115